The task is to create the design and the structure of the desktop Crypto Wallet for all major resolutions
Crypto Wallet
We highlighted the main action "Buy cryptocurrency" as the main action for conversion, as well as the important action for the user "Restore from backup". To avoid boring blocks, we added bright illustrations
01 —
For more comfortable work with a large number of coins, a convenient filter is provided
Wallets Filter
02 —
All the necessary information about the coin on one screen: Send, Sell, Exchange, and Staking. The coin price and transaction history are also shown here
03 —
Of course, not everyone uses the full-screen mode of the app, so we made a compact menu option
04 —
Buy crypto in one simple click
Buy Crypto
05 —
Exchange currency and view your purchase history
06 —
All your keys are stored in a safe place, but you can get quick access to the necessary information in a convenient way
Private key
07 —
We tried to make the service section а bit funny, so we used here colorful cards to cheer the mood up during the boring tasks
Tools and support
08 —
For customers are available several plans which are tailored to different user needs
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